Command School

The cornerstone of Starfleet training, Command School prepares officers to take the reins of command. All officers attend Command School prior to taking assignments as commanding or executive officers of starships or facilities.

Admission to Command School is at the invitation of the Admiralty. All participants must hold a rank of no less than lieutenant commander; serve in, or transfer to, the command branch; and demonstrate suitable responsibility in the execution of their duties as a Starfleet officer. Course prerequisites include STAR 305 Command Indoctrination Seminar and STAR 410 Starship Command.

Officers attend for a period of fourteen weeks, their time spent equally in the classroom and simulator. Classroom topics include the legal responsibilities of command, the chain of command, Federation history, Starfleet regulations, administrative duties and responsibilities, essential tactics, Starfleet policies and legal aspects of interstellar law and the Federation. Holographic simulations cover a broad spectrum of situations such as mock engagements, diplomatic crises, and the effective assignment of resources.

To complete the program attendees must pass a battery of physical, psychological, and ability tests. Participants must also present a thesis paper on the duties of command to the Review Committee to graduate.

The Command School campus occupies the northernmost portion of the Starfleet Academy grounds. Its five facilities include lecture halls, classrooms, simulation labs, a computer annex, and administrative offices.

CMD-A 501. Command Management

This course explores the field of command, both in theory and in practice, as a science and an art. The class also addresses the role of commanders in the current climate of rapid change, increased competitive forces, and heightened expectations for successful performance of personnel and organizations. This course focuses on various means of achieving these desired ends. Holographic simulations provide command management scenarios to test officers' abilities. The officer should leave this class with a solid grounding in the nature and work of advanced management and commanding techniques.

CMD-A 525. Advanced Issues in Starfleet Regulations

This course focuses on the hierarchy of law, precedence and order, and the judicial empowerment of a commanding officer. Exercises require officers to question regulations, interpret their meanings, and define the legal, moral, and ethical requirements of a commanding officer. Officers examine past mission reports involving regulations interpretation, prepare papers analyzing these incidents, and participate in debates of the issues involved. In addition to a final written examination, officers must complete a simulation where they must interpret and apply Starfleet regulations to a complex command situation and explain their methods and reason to a review board.

PSYC-A 510. Psychological Analysis of Historic Commands

This elective class goes into greater psychological and ethical detail on the lives and accomplishments of some of Starfleet's famous captains. Examine the men behind the legends of Kirk, Garth of Izar, and Toram. What traits inspired those around them? Participants visit the Iowa farm of James T. Kirk and discuss the events leading to Garth's downfall. A comprehensive study of their tactics, motivations, careers, command styles, and personalities. Lectures include biographies and restricted log entries providing unique insight into these officers. Students must submit a final analysis on an officer of their choice and highlight that person's significant contributions.