Starfleet Law School

Starfleet Law School prepares officers for legal careers or advanced training in legal affairs through a vast offering of judicial programs.

Students applying to the officer of the Judge Advocate General may enter the four-year graduate legal program, while other Starfleet personnel may return to enroll in elective courses to review current legal issues and procedures. Full class schedules and three-week refresher programs are regularly available to all Starfleet personnel.

Lectures in legal precedents and landmark cases immerse students in the foundation of law, its social responsibility, and its application within the ranks of Starfleet. Writing- and debate-intensive, the legal program requires all students become effective communicators not only in Federation Standard but also in the language of jurisprudence. Students analyze briefs daily and prepare cases to argue in holographically simulated courts. Instructors encourage students to use critical thinking to argue cases as a matter of law. For those returning for secondary training, the Law School has many preparatory classes and refresher courses on intergalactic affairs, law interpretations, and Starfleet regulations.

The Starfleet Law School facility includes debate chambers and lecture halls. The campus' Samuel T. Cogley Library serves as the largest repository of legal knowledge in the Alpha Quadrant.

LAW-A 505. Issues in Federation Law

This course analyzes the Federation legal system, common law and its development, organizational structures, and the environment pertinent to social law. The course critically examines galactic and planetary judicial and alternative dispute resolution systems, torts, crimes and ethics, common law contracts, sales and lease contracts, associations, agency, and the scope of Federation jurisdiction. Frequent papers and class presentations test students' writing and communication skills Class analyzes prominent cases from holographic records and reargues certain trials in simulation.

LAW-A 613. Legal Issues of Command

The course studies various laws and legal issues involved in the supervision of personnel. Supervisors, department heads, and officers must understand the laws applicable to managing people in the fleet, and should focus on the legal liability undertaken by virtue of position. Students participate in discussions, lectures, and debates on the legal issues of command facing Starfleet officers and submit a thesis paper at the completion of the course.