Leadership and Development Program

Established in 2246, the Leadership and Development Program prepares personnel for advancement opportunities within Starfleet. The program consists of two specialized bodies: the Certification Board and Branch Officer Training School.

Certification Board

The Certification Board is an authorizing body that supervises, logs, and reviews all distance education and self-directed courses offered through Starfleet Academy. Examples include the Bridge Officer Examination, the Transporter Certification Exam, and the Shuttlecraft Qualification Requirements. The tests judge operational and technical knowledge required to serve in key positions aboard starships, drawing from a self-directed course including text work and holographic demonstrations.

The board reviews applicant qualifications and performance reports and issues certification in an area of expertise once the applicant passes the appropriate battery of tests. Offices are located on the Administrative Building's third floor.

The courses below represent a fraction of the many certification courses the board offers.

CERT-A 515. Bridge Officer Certification

This self-directed course focuses on the responsibilities and duties of a bridge officer, preparing individuals to complete the interactive portion of the certification qualification. Areas of instruction include casualty procedures, protocol, and log requirements. If holodeck facilities are available, an interactive tutorial provides practice exercises. A computer-proctored exam completes the written portion, prior to examination by an executive officer or other command personnel.

CERT-A 520. Transporter Certification

A self-directed tutorial concentrating on advanced transporter operations based on the foundations laid in the SE 328 Transporter Systems course. The instruction emphasizes operational and maintenance protocols, contingency procedures, and alternative problem-resolution management. Students participate in holographic simulations and briefly intern with their vessel's transporter chief. Individuals receive certification after successfully completing a written exam and observation evaluation from their transport supervisor.

Branch Officer Training School

Branch Officer Training School is a six-week qualification program instructing officers to manage departments or branches and the personnel serving them. The school offers several advanced courses focusing on personnel and department management, each given on the Command School campus adjacent to Starfleet Academy.

The training is offered at three-week intervals and is open to officers who obtain the approval of their immediate supervisors. Attendees engage in lectures and cooperative discussions on organizational communication and management techniques. Participants write weekly papers based on case studies of management problems. Roleplaying techniques help demonstrate effective leadership and communication skills in the workplace. A comprehensive final examination covering all material concludes the program.

Upon completion, an officer is ready for responsibilities of being a department head, although appointment to such a position depends on position availability, assignment transfer, and a superior officer's recommendation.

PSYC-A 533. Organizational Behavior

This course examines organizational theory and application. A comprehensive review is made of the managerial functions of planning, controlling, staffing, directing, and motivation in the context of both individual and group behavior. Students compare and contrast different management styles and behavior in the workplace, evaluating their effectiveness.