Starfleet Medical Academy

Starfleet Medical Academy is the premier learning institute in the Alpha Quadrant for life and medical sciences. The school prides itself on graduating the most gifted healers and medical researchers in the Federation. The Medical Academy offers a four-year doctoral program, practicing and research internships, and a career advancement center.

Medical Sciences majors may attend the Medical Academy only after completing their core Starfleet Academy requirements. Admission requires a minimum placement within the upper 85th percentile on a program application examination and a pre-evaluation by the Medical Review Committee. Each application examination and a pre-evaluation by the Medical Review Committee. Each applicant must complete a thesis paper and make a presentation to the committee proving interest in and knowledge of a particular field of medical study.

Students progress on an accelerated study program the immerses them in advanced subjects like exobiology, exochemistry, and genetic analysis. Assignments build upon prior foundations , reinforcing the learning model. Simulations help students visualize subject matter, including anatomy, physiology, and cellular metamorphosis. A supervised internship program allows for real-world application of procedures and knowledge.

The Medical Academy campus consists of eleven buildings: dormitories, administrative offices, laboratories, and the Academy Hospital. The Academy also helps maintain and contributes to the Starfleet Medical Database, one of the most advanced in the quadrant, the culmination of centuries of medical knowledge and practices.

MDAC-A 505. Ethics of Medicine and the Law

Students examine the legal and ethical aspects of their roles as caregiver, teacher, consultant, and manager of care. Emphasis on professional and legal responsibility, accountability, advocacy, collective action, and the ethical responsibility and decision-making related to the patient. Students must present case reviews, read the latest medical journals, and debate the issues of a current ethical or legal case. Text includes Braham's "The Legalities of Medicine," Bseiso's "Time Enough to Heal: The 24th-century Paradox," and a selected reading packet of material by Starfleet's accomplished physicians. Students must pass a comprehensive written test and oral examinations.

MDAC-A 584. Pathophysiology

This course analyzes the effects of pathological processes on care across the lifespan. Students analyze the disruption of normal physiology through sample manifestation, laboratory findings, and predicted impact of the altered physiology upon the individual's well-being. The course examines the interrelationship of structural, functional, and behavioral components of disease with reference to the influence of developmental environments. Includes lectures, study assignments, and laboratory analysis. To pass this class, students must complete an extended laboratory project of their own selection.

MDAC-A 610. Andorian Anatomy

A comprehensive examination of the Andorian species, including the cardiovascular system, musculature, and skeletal structure. Students learn to conduct basic medical procedures on Andorian subjects simulated in holographic laboratories. Includes guest lecturers from Starfleet Medical and the Andorian Science Institute.

MDAC-A 650. Medical Internship

A three-month internship at a Starfleet medical facility or vessel. Prospective participants must petition the Medical Review Committee, gain sponsorship from their facility advisor, and prepare a presentation explaining their choice for an internship post. Interns work under close supervision of the facility or vessel medical staff, conducting examinations, research, and procedures.