Starfleet Science Institute

The Starfleet Science Institute enhances the skills of Starfleet personnel in all areas of physical, planetary, social, space, and computer science. Programs specialize in different fields of instruction based on student interest.

Attendance is open to all Starfleet personnel from the science branches who pass the required pre-entrance examination. The Science Committee reviews all candidates for admission. Classes last eight weeks.

Specialists in various scientific fields lecture on the latest developments in science. Students put theory into practice with laboratory assignments at the Institute's advanced facilities. Those with an emphasis in space sciences may access an advanced stellar cartography lab and the Academy Observatory to conduct their experiments.

For computer science work the Science Institute has a specialized computer annex dedicated solely to advanced artificial intelligence, a supercomputing center, and a research facility. Classes in theoretical neutral intelligence, temporal dilution, and galactic mass highlight the advanced programs offered.

Several Academy programs also use the Starfleet Science Institute facilities for its advanced resources. The Daystrom Institute maintains an Advanced Supercomputing Annex at the Science Institute.

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