Special Operations School

This program trains participants to become members of the Starfleet Rapid Response Forces and offers additional training in heavy weapons, demolitions, unit tactics, and ground warfare.

Admission to the Special Operations School requires the recommendation of one's commanding officer or facility advisor. Attendees must undergo a security check prior to acceptance and must be in good physical condition.

The intense curriculum has demanding physical and mental requirements. The tactical ordnance training includes hands-on work with a number of Starfleet-issue weapons under instructor guidance. Simulators assist in demolitions training as students construct, place, and disarm a variety of ordnance. Lectures and demonstrations on ground warfare and unit tactics prepare attendees for mock exercises in a number of different environments. A very low instructor to student ratio provides each attendee with personal attention and helps ensure safety. To complete the course all graduates must pass an extended field exercise.

The Special Operations School is located along San Francisco Bay and intersects with many Academy parade and training place in the Admiral Demaro Building. Members of the Tactical Sciences and Physical Education departments support Special Operations School training staff by providing intensive courses to prepare participants for service in Rapid Response Teams.

PE-A 350. Endurance Training

A concentrated physical training program to prepare students for the rigors of service and discipline in short- and long-term ground action in hostile territory. Students train in holographic environments and threat situations, honing their physical abilities while improving their senses and their tactical judgment. To pass this course, participants must endure a three-day hike through difficult terrain, pursued by the instructors posing as enemy personnel.

TACT-A 430. Advanced Ground Warfare

An examination of advanced and unorthodox tactics in ground warfare, including climate, terrain parameters, variable gravity, partisan support, numerical deception, and defensive ambush. Includes an analysis of past engagements and survival techniques. Emphasis on teamwork and the necessity of clear communication. Upon completion, students undertake a mock field exercise graded by the instructor.