Strategic Operations School

The Strategic Operations School offers courses to instruct offers in Starfleet doctrine, fleet deployments, defense strategies, and threat analysis. Since the curriculum covers topics of a sensitive nature, it is available only to officers with sufficient security access and Starfleet Intelligence approval.

Attendees engage in critical lectures and discussions of Starfleet tactical policy, reviewing historical engagements and examining options in theoretical confrontations. Students develop a State of the Federation deployment plan, used throughout the remainder of their course with an emphasis on external threat assessment. Exercises include all major powers, including allied resources and current Starfleet strengths. Instructors lecture on defensive strategies and special guest speakers provide insight into past and present Starfleet operations.

After discussions students participate in holographic simulations of historical confrontations and hypothetical threat situations.

STRT-A 510. Engagement Doctrine

A historical study of the developments of space doctrine and the conduct of combat operations. Emphasis is placed on the evolution of warfare and tactics throughout history, including World War III, the Axanar Rebellion, and the Cardassian Conflict. Present-day potential and limitations on space operations, including the use of rapid deployment forces. Holographic simulations help demonstrate doctrine through historical and theoretical engagements. The course also explores assault, readiness operations, and landing operations from orbit. Students prepare a final thesis paper as part of their State of the Federation project.

STRT-A 520. Advanced Starship Operations and Deployment

This course provides advanced examination of starship operations, including vector analysis, basic deployment, board solutions, fleet formations, and visual and shipboard communication procedures. The course concludes with an analysis of fleet handling, watch-standing fundamentals, underway replenishment fundamentals, and command and control issues. Case studies of navigation and Starfleet operation incidents reinforce the lessons learned and underscore the need for vigilance when operating vessels in space.