Advanced Tactical Training Program

The Starfleet Advanced Tactical Training Program is one of the most challenging and demanding programs as Starfleet Academy. Some of the most promising tactical minds in Starfleet attend this program. Because nearly half of all participants do not successfully pass on their first attempt, the Advanced Tactical Training Program limits entrance to commissioned officers who obtain the recommendations of their commanding officers.

Students may choose one of two study tracks focusing on starship and ground tactics. During a twelve-week period attendees face ever-increasing physical and intellectual combat challenges.

Advanced Starship Tactics builds upon basic Starfleet doctrine and expands into threat assessment and fleet deployment. Students spend half their time in lecture, the remainder in simulation or in debriefing reviewing maneuvers. Simulation facilities allow for multiple starships to participate in mass engagements, with additional vessels run by instructors or the computer. Tactical training tests not only knowledge and execution, but also the ability to respond against overwhelming odds and distress.

Tactical Unit Training prepares officers to engage in planetary unit tactics working as a coordinated team. Participants understand how to use various environments to their tactical advantage. Students undertake holographic mission simulations testing their ability to survey terrain, plan strategies, and achieve an objective. Instructors review performance during debriefings and participants' weekly tactical analysis report. Participants must successfully complete a final mission to pass the program — achieving an objective in a live environment chosen by the instructor.

The Advanced Tactical Training Program's facilities overlook San Francisco Bay, with access to the James Tiberius Kirk Building's simulation center. The program uses the latest holographic simulators to recreate any starship or environment. During simulations holographic personnel provide support, with their degree of competence dictated by the computer. The program maintains strict security in classroom and simulation areas, and does not release lecture materials from the premises.

TACT-A 511. Historical Engagements

A comprehensive study of tactical ground engagements, from the Trojan Horse of Earth to the D'kurik clan war of Andor. The demonstration of universal tactical advantages and the ability to employ them in practice underscores the foundation of the class. Reading includes Sun Tzu's "The Art of War." Dunzig's "My Enemy, My Ally," selected writings of Napoléon Bonaparte, Ve'dar's "Logic and Tactics," and Chu'zhak's analysis of the Battle of Dun'veh. Participants must complete a thesis paper paralleling modern tactical engagements with historical precedence to finish this course.

TACT-A 521. Dynamics of Interstellar Combat

An in-depth examination of the influence and impact of stellar phenomena in engagements. How to use a disadvantage to your advantage. When is a potential trap an opportunity? Material includes the examination of pulsars, quasars, nebulae, quantum filaments, binary systems, polar magnetic fields, subspace distortions, and temporal dilution as potential advantages. Noteworthy examples, such as the Picard Maneuver, the Omicron Deceleration Effect, and the Roxonian Solar Flare are discussed in detail.

Prerequisites: PHYS 310 Astrophysics and SPS 340 Introduction to Interstellar Phenomena.