Alien Species

The Hirogen Alpha stood in front of the viewscreen. There was a new prey. A small ship with Federation signs. But it was not the Voyager, it was another one. The Federation ship Voyager had a very potent crew and they were a very challenging prey. There were other species that were far less mighty than they, for example the weak Kazon. Not only that they had inefficient ships but they were far too aggressive and did not use any sort of tactic. They were an easy prey. But e.g. the Borg or Species 8472 were very potent and dangerous. A single hunter ship was hardly a match for them.

But the Federation crew's were cunning and tricky which made a hunt on them interesting. The Alpha was curious how capable they were. He looked to one of his crewman. "Fire on the ship and then tell them that they violated our hunting grounds." The Hirogen wanted to see how the Alpha, or Captain, would react to this provocation — perhaps this would lead to an interesting hunt.

In this area you will find the most important alien species native to the delta-Quadrant, including the Caretaker and the Borg.

Federation Races

Native Races

  • Borg
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