Ben joined his friends at their table in the cafeteria. Conversation, as usual, involved the same subject they'd been discussing for the past three weeks. After two years of basic education, it was time to declare their assignment preferences.

"… at Operations, probably flight control." Raxa said as Millard sat down.

"I wish I could make up my mind." Erika Tolorn interjected. "There are so many options, Engineering… Science… Command…" The sentiment resonated with Ben; he was finding it hard to make a decision, too.

"I don't think you have to worry about command. Not after the K'tara test." Tom Bridges said, smiling. Everyone at the table laughed. The K'tara test had wreaked havoc with the entire class. A variation of the old Kobayashi Maru scenario, it was meant to test the cadets' reaction to surprises. As the class assisted a Varillian freighter — the K'tara — as part of a routine simulation of bridge operations, a Romulan warbird suddenly appeared on the screen. Erika had been in command at the time and it hadn't been pretty. It was good they could laugh about it, especially Erika.

"What about you, Ben? Any ideas?" Tom asked.

When Ben originally applied to the Academy, he thought he would go into science. He'd always been good at the subject in school, had even been accepted to the Daystrom Institute before receiving his acceptance to the Academy. But now, having seen all the options available, he wasn't so sure. During the K'tara test, the bridge in flames, Erika and Tom "dead", Ben took the center seat and managed to get the ship out of danger.

"Command," he replied. "What else?"

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