Classics (CLAS)

Chairman: Arthur Athans
Professors: Richard Derosiers, T'Lan, Gerran Vey

Faculty advisors often encourage cadets to take at least one course in the Classics Department to broaden their knowledge of how language and literature affect society. Instructors also try to impart a sense of the Federation's vast diversity.

CLAS 113. Elementary Latin

Elements of vocabulary, grammar, and structure of the Latin language from Earth. Includes the evolution of Latin language families and terms, and a brief survey of classical Latin literature and authors. Students spend two days in Italy putting their knowledge to use examining ancient Roman artifacts and structures.

CLAS 114. Classical Vulcan

Elements of vocabulary, grammar, and structure of pre-Surak Vulcan language. Includes the evolution of modern Vulcan language, alterations in language following logical grammatical structures, modern holdovers, comparative study between Vulcan and Romulan language development, and a survey of classical Vulcan poetry. Includes readings and lectures by guest speakers.

CLAS 200. Selected Topics in Classical Literature

A broad survey of classical literature in Federation history to introduce students to major themes and genres. Readings include "Beowulf"; "The Teachings of Surak"; "The Dream of the Fire" by K'Ratak; "Down the River Light" by Caster; and "Dance on the Wind" by Natusa. Students write essays evaluating these and other works and their impact on Federation culture.

CLAS 211. Ancient Literature and the Formulation of Culture

A survey and examination of ancient and classical literature that helped shape the development of cultures inside and outside the Federation. Includes the Bible and Qur'an, and the works of Homer, Surak, Do'Pra'Sol, the legends of Kahless, and other major historical thinkers and artists. Students write a comparative essay examining the similarities and differences in the influence of these and other works.

CLAS 396. Advanced Topics in Classics

Advanced study of classics relevant to Federation culture and history. Topics: (A) Classical Roots of Federation Society; (B) Comparative Study of Classical Languages; (C) Ancient Origins of Modern Terms; (D) Classical Background of Modern Literature; (E) Classical Archaeology. Students perform independent research and prepare a presentation for the Classics Department.