Linguistics (LING)

Chairman: Golin Antos
Professors: J. Marie Sellers, Semek, Daniel Urquhart, Elizabeth Witt

With the Federation spanning more than 100 member worlds, communication among them is vital to ensuring continuing cooperation. The Linguistics Department fosters an interest in spanning the Federation's many cultures through basic principles of language. Most courses include text work and frequent language interaction exercises.

LING 105. Introduction to Linguistics

Overview of the study of language: universal properties of language, Chomsky's innateness hypothesis, Joran'vel's theory of linguistic development, language acquisition in children, dialects and language variation, linguistic drift and change. Includes an introduction to grammar and syntax and to scientific linguistic methodology.

LING 205. Introduction to Linguistic Analysis

Analysis and problem-solving in phonology, morphology, and syntax using data from many different language resources; development of translation matrices and syntax libraries. Emphasis is both practical (learning how to describe the grammar and sound system of a language) and theoretical (understanding linguistic behavior). Students study the analysis of unusual linguistic structures such as Jaradan and Tamarian.

LING 319. Sociolinguistic Survey

How language varies according to the characteristics of its speakers: species, culture, age, sex, ethnicity, and social class. Quantitative analysis methods; relationships to theoretical linguistics. The course focuses on Federation languages but also explores some other languages, such as Klingon. Students study linguistic variations in simulation and field studies.

LING 474. Matrix Translation Programming

The development and programming of matrix translation systems currently used by Starfleet. Provides a survey of the development of translation systems as well as their algorithms and protocols. Students each design and program their own translation matrices based on linguistic samples provided in class.

LING 495. Independent Study

Students may apply to the chairman for independent study in: (A) Synchronic Linguistics; (B) Diachronic Linguistics; (C) Linguistics Theory. All requests must be forwarded by a faculty sponsor to the chairman of the department for approval.