Mathematics (MATH)

Chairman: Kenneth Ariel
Professors: Arthur Bennett, Kojol Lizzel, Osdol Bria

The Mathematics Department offers a series of courses designed to familiarize cadets with basic and later more complex mathematical applications throughout Federation society and technology. A faculty exchange program with the Daystrom Institute helps expose students to cutting-edge mathematical theory.

MATH 120. Finite Mathematics

Topics selected from probability, systems of linear equations, matrix algebra, linear programming, mathematical algorithms; derivations of algebraic, trigonometric, exponential, and logarithmic functions.

MATH 228. Multidimensional Calculus

Partial differentiation; composite functions and chain rules; maximum and minimum; transformation; vector algebra; vector functions; gradients, divergence, and curl; curves and surfaces; multiple, line, and surface integrals; divergence; Green's and Stoke's theorems.

MATH 339. Probability Mechanics

The mathematics of probability mechanics. Topics include probability; random variables; expectation; discrete and continuous probability distributions; stochastic processes; Markov chains; Poisson processes; motion-generating functions; limit theorems; Heisenburg's principle; quantum probability fluctuations.

MATH 447. Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos

The mathematics of chaos and nonlinear dynamics. Topics include linear and nonlinear systems of differential equations; discrete maps; chaos; fractal structures; phase plane analysis; bifurcations; and computer simulations of chaos structures.