Physical Education (PE)

Chairman: Samuel Chen
Professors: Val Ambrams, Joan Kester, Jin Tilee

The Physical Education Department hopes to imbue in cadets the life-long value of maintaining one's physique. Courses encourage physical fitness through activities such as self defense and organized sports.

PE 105. Basic Self Defense

A study of unarmed combat techniques for personal defense and the quick disabling of opponents. Students study the cultural and philosophical developments that led to these techniques, including the "Book of Five Rings" by Miyamoto Musashi; "The Way of the Desert Wind" by T'Lau; and "Ice and Thunder" by Sharee. Classes consist of practice sessions combined with instruction on new techniques.

PE 214. Advanced Self Defense

An advanced survey of armed and unarmed combat techniques for personal defense. Students may choose individual styles for further study, and must prepare reports and demonstrations on their effectiveness in combat conditions. Students are expected to take part in the Academy Martial Arts Tournament, as well as attend regular practice sessions.

PE 232. Athletics Program

Participation in an organized Academy athletics program or team. Emphasis on physical fitness, sports education, teamwork, and physical skills. Students take part in regular practice sessions and competitions with teams from across Earth and the Federation. Consult the Academy computer system for a list of currently available teams and activities.