Psychology (PSYC)

Chairman: Sara Eman
Professors: William Baum, Ellen Cohn, Derisi Quinaire, Elizabeth Stein-Morrow

Psychology is the key to understanding how different beings interact and behave, whether they come from across the Federation or across the galaxy. A major in psychology prepares future ship's counselors, but courses also help cadets face the numerous challenges which their career in Starfleet presents.

PSYC 101. Introduction to Psychology

Psychology as a behavioral sciences, its theoretical and applied aspects. Coverage of basic topics in the field, including developmental, learning, personality, abnormal, social, perceptual/sensory, physiological, and exopsychology. To experience actively the nature of psychological research, students have an opportunity to participate in a variety of studies as part of laboratory investigations.

PSYC 213. Cognitive Psychology

The study of sentient cognition, its basic concepts and methods, and major findings. Knowledge acquisition and use. Attention; perception; memory; imagery; language; reading; problem solving and decision-making. Readings include the works of Freud, Jung, Van Gelder, and Stonnik. Simulations and field studies illustrating various concepts and experiments.

PSYC 431. Neuropsychology

The study of brain/behavioral relationships including clinical topics related to the analysis of neutral disorders and diseases, and more basic topics related to the integrative functions of the brain. Main focus on the cerebral cortex and functions related to perception, movement, attention, memory, and language. Study of neural-mapping techniques and how they help diagnose neural disorders. Field study with simulations, plus term paper on the relationship between neurophysiology and behavior.

PSYC 493. Internship

A supervised practicum in one of several cooperating mental health facilities, including Tantalus V and the University of Betazed Mental Health Center. Coursework knowledge applied to meaningful work and team experience. Commitment includes a negotiated number of weekly work hours and weekly seminars. Supervision by institution personnel and the instructor. Application to department chairman required. Term paper and evaluation by supervising instructor required.