Starfleet Sciences (STAR)

Chairman: John Levinson
Professors: Paul Gennoran, Molak Je'Tor, Brenda Turgano, Hans Zakarian

The Starfleet Sciences Department prepares cadets for active duty, providing instruction in basic skills required during service. Cadets must take Starfleet Skills I and II, Planetary Survival, and two additional courses in Starfleet Sciences. The faculty encourages students to pursue other classes according to their overall career plan within Starfleet.

STAR 101. Starfleet Skills I

Introduction to Starfleet regulations and protocols, emergency first aid procedures, systems operations, technology, and history. Students participate in numerous simulations to test what they learn.

STAR 102. Starfleet Skills II

Principles of command and leadership, general first aid, phaser marksmanship, and selected communication and technical skills development. Students participate in numerous simulations to test what they learn.

STAR 104. Planetary Survival

Students study the basic requirements for survival, how to secure them in various planetary environments, how to use existing materials as survival tools, and how to make use of the environment. Students practice using both holographic simulations and visits to existing environments on Earth or elsewhere. Final exam consists of a survival trek in a planetary environment chosen by the instructor.

STAR 202. Starfleet Leadership and Administration

Introductory studies in social relationships, interpersonal communications, and group interactions which relate to administration and leadership. Participatory leadership and administration, motivation and self-actualization. Examination of Starfleet management systems and chain of command. Emphasis on interrelationship between supervision, management, and leadership, and hands-on application of theory and practice.

STAR 305. Command Indoctrination Seminar

Students are placed in charge of incoming underclass cadets and given command responsibilities. Students must maintain discipline and acceptable levels of achievement among their squad, and provide suitable examples of the chain of command and respect for authority. Scheduled activities test the command abilities of the students, including competition with other squads in athletic and academic events. Students are expected to deliver weekly reports on the progress and status of their squads, as well as a final report on what they have learned at the end of the semester.

STAR 410. Starship Command

Required for all Command Branch cadets. Students learn the essential principles, theories, and practice of starship command and administration. In addition to studying Starfleet regulations and procedures in depth, cadets take part in simulations and tests of command ability, and learn improved decision-making skills. Required readings include research on command-level decisions made by Starfleet officers over the years and various log entries. Students take part in a simulation intended to test their command skills as a final exam.