Tactical Sciences (TACT)

Chairman: Arlene DiCassa
Professors: Soolin Devim, David Follen, Sara Kester, Hurran Mirasol, Dova Rokam

Many cadets take several Tactical Sciences courses to round out their academy experience and prepare themselves for active Starfleet duty, whether pursuing careers in command or operations. The department is proud to draw guest speakers from Starfleet Command and to provide cadets with the latest mission operations reports to analyze.

TACT 103. Small-Unit Tactics

The use of small-unit and squad-level tactics, with emphasis on Starfleet tactical operations and away-team missions. Students experience a variety of actual combat situations using holographic simulations, against both holographic and real opponents, including fellow students and Academy staff members. Students take part in an extended wargame simulation designed by the instructor as a final examination.

TACT 201. Military Tactics

A comprehensive study of the arts of military leadership throughout history and in the present day. Students examine the careers of key military figures such as Alexander, Kahn Noonian Singh, Kahless, Garth of Izar, and others. Readings include Sun Tzu's "The Art of War," "The Tales of Kor," Ordin's "Great Battles in Federation History," and "T'Lang's "The Failings of Military Thought." Students each choose a historic battle to reconstruct using holographic simulation and modeling techniques, and present a detailed analysis as a final exam.

TACT 211. Introduction to Security Procedures

An introduction to Starfleet rules and regulations concerning the security of its vessels, installations, and personnel. Students learn Starfleet security protocols and how to implement them under various conditions, how to handle breaches, and how to assist the security department in maintaining adequate security measures. Students take in simulations highlighting different security risk situations, and are required to present a paper on the ways Starfleet security can be improved within the guidelines of both Starfleet regulations and the universal guarantees of the Federation.

TACT 304. Heavy Weapons Training

The use of various modern weapons, including phaser artillery, photon grenades, and plasma mortars, with a focus on their battlefield and defensive uses. Students take part in battle simulations to familiarize themselves with the use of these weapons, as well as field stripping, maintenance and repair. The proper use of weapons is stressed, with an examination of the use of force in Starfleet operations. Students take part in a battle simulation against their classmates as a final exam.

TACT 306. Law Enforcement

A study of law enforcement as related to Starfleet security and personnel. Cadets study various techniques for maintaining a lawful environment and discouraging criminal behavior as well as means of tracking and apprehending criminals. Students also familiarize themselves with Federation law and Starfleet regulations in depth. Training exercises include simulations of law enforcement situations and tests of law enforcement situations and tests of the student's knowledge of proper procedures. Students must each submit a paper on the value and importance of the rule of law within the Federation.

TACT 310. Starship Tactics

A detailed survey of the tactics employed by starships, with a particular emphasis on Starfleet vessels. Students study the major starship battles of Federation history, including the Axanar Rebellion, the Battle at Wolf 359 against the Borg, and battles fought against Dominion forces near Deep Space 9. Students take part in recreations of these battles, as well as a variety of tactical simulations and wargames.