USS Vanguard Returns to Earth Dock

Title: USS Vanguard arrives to Earth Dock
Host: Starfleet
Stardate: December 1, 2010
OOC Date: 105963.7
Location: USS Vanguard
Type: IC
Summary: USS Vanguard returns to Earth dock to install experimental drives.

With the U.S.S. Vanguard having been chosen by Starfleet Command to test the new transwarp drives developed by Professor Sizaen Yatri of Bajor and her team of Starfleet Scientists, the Vanguard has returned to Earth space dock for installation of the new transwarp drive, code named 'Black Falcon'. All non-essential crew members are on shore leave until installation is completed. Watch rotations stand as usual. It should be noted that many ship systems will be down during the installation of the new drive.

Plans for initial system tests and testing of the drives have already begun and have been scheduled for as soon as installation is completed. While the Commanding Officer is at Starfleet Headquarters, Commander <XO's Name>, has assumed command.