Code of Conduct

"Cadets are persons of integrity. They stand for what is right."

"They tell the truth and ensure that the truth is known. They do not lie."

"They embrace fairness in all actions. They ensure that work submitted as their own is their own. They do not cheat."

"They respect the culture and heritage of all begins. They are not prejudiced."

"They honor the ideals of Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets, and ensure that they are proper representatives of those ideals. They act with honor."

The lasting simplicity of the Academy Code charges cadets to maintain the highest standards of personal integrity. The words of the Code are simple, yet its spirit is broad and covers all facets of a cadet's life. It forms a link to the high standards demanded of Starfleet officers in a life of service.

The Code of Conduct represents the minimum standard for cadets. Honor, personal integrity, and, to Starfleet, its customs and its traditions are fundamental characteristics essential to a successful officer. The Academy emphasizes doing what is right rather than simply not breaking the rules.

Cadets unable to conduct themselves in a manner exemplifying the highest standards of honesty and integrity may not be fit to hold a Starfleet commission and could jeopardize their privilege of being Academy cadets. The offenses of lying, cheating, and stealing are intolerable in Starfleet and may be cause for expulsion from the Academy.

Cadets take part in training in understanding and following the Code of Conduct from the moment they enter Starfleet Academy, and many entrance examinations test an applicant's devotion to the ideal expressed in the Code.

Entering cadets take the Starfleet Officer's Oath on their first day at the Academy, but often do not completely understand its meaning and significance. Cadets are often to preoccupied with the experience of being at the Academy to grasp the oath — and its implications — fully.

After completing their first year, cadets repeat their oath with a better understanding of its meaning and formally declare their intent to abide by the Academy Code of Conduct. The Honor Affirmation Ceremony marks the transition of the class of freshmen into true Starfleet Academy cadets.

Guidelines for Cadet Behavior

  • Do your best.
  • Uphold the standards of the Academy.
  • Lead by example — meet the standards to which you hold others.
  • Strive for excellence without arrogance.
  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect.
  • Tolerate honest mistakes from people who are doing their best.
  • Seek and uphold the truth.

On-Campus Regulations

Cadets are expected to comport themselves in compliance with the Academy Code of Conduct at all times, on or off campus, and whether or not they are in uniform. Cadets on campus must comply with additional requirements outlined here. Failure to comply with Academy regulations may result in disciplinary action or even dismissal.

Cadets are expected to obey the orders of Starfleet officers, instructors, and upper-class cadets assigned a position of authority, such as squad leaders. The maintenance of the chain of command is vital to the structure of an organization such as Starfleet.

Cadets are assigned housing while attending the Academy. They must keep their living areas tidy and ready for inspection at any time. Noise levels in the dormitories should be kept to an acceptable level to allow for studying and relaxation. Cadets may have guests in their dormitories, but large social gatherings are restricted to on-campus recreational facilities.

Cadets have free and unrestricted access to recreational and dining facilities on campus. Social gatherings must follow Starfleet rules of conduct, and cadets are expected to comply with Academy security in all matters related to social and recreational events.

Cadets are issues a combadge and must wear it at all times while in uniform. Cadets may access the Academy communications system through their combadge or any computer terminal, but access to classified Starfleet documents and information is restricted. Cadets should notify Academy Security immediately of any breech in security they may notice.

Off-Campus Regulations

Academy cadets must live on campus. Students of the advanced schools of the Academy may live in dormitory facilities at their chosen school, or in off-campus housing provided by Starfleet. The quarters for graduate students of the advanced schools are similar to the accommodations for officers on board starships and starbases. Housing is available in several areas throughout San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area for officers who prefer to live off campus.

While off campus, cadets are expected to conduct themselves in a manner befitting representatives of Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets. Cadets who enter illegal activity are required to notify Starfleet Security and local authorities immediately.