Cadets must accumulate a total of 140 class credits for graduation eligibility. Cadets must also have no more than five demerits and a grade average of at least 3.0 to graduate with a commission in Starfleet. The cadet with the highest grade average from the graduating class is named valedictorian, while the cadet with the second-highest average is named salutatorian. Both cadets deliver an address to the graduating class.

Graduation Ceremonies

Graduation takes place in July following completion of the academic year. Graduation ceremonies occur on the Academy parade grounds, with a reception in Gagarin Hall on the campus grounds immediately afterward. The ceremony features addresses by the Superintendent and by a guest speaker chosen by the graduating class. The Academy band plays the Federation and Starfleet anthems, as well as a brief musical selection.

Cadets are allowed to wear a Starfleet dress uniform for the first time at graduation. The Superintendent presents Starfleet commissions to the graduating class, and the new ensigns receive orders for their first duty postings at or shortly after graduation.

To Boldly Go…

Of course, graduation is only the beginning for most cadets. After graduation, cadets can look forward to their cadet cruise, which often promises new adventure abroad a starship. The skills and talents developed and honed during their tenure at the Academy will finally be put to the test. So go boldly — the universe awaits the Academy's finest.