Cadets are expected to adhere to all Starfleet rules and regulations. Violations of these regulations carry penalties. Violations of these regulations carry penalties. Cadets must report any violation of Starfleet regulations or the Academy Code of Conduct to their squad leader or a superior officer immediately.

The cadets primarily administer the Academy Code of Conduct. This teaches cadets responsibility for themselves and their fellow officers, as well as an understanding and appreciation of proper procedure. The squad leader reviews all reported Code violations, conducts a thorough investigation of alleged offenses, and, if appropriate, convenes a cadet tribunal to review the matter under a superior officer's guidance. The Superintendent then determines guilt and metes out any punishments.

Faculty and staff members may also report and investigate cadets whom they see violating the Academy Code of Conduct. If cadets are caught violating the Code while off campus, local agencies report their actions to the Academy and often take steps according to their own laws.

The Superintendent handles all other disciplinary concerns and has final authority over all such matters. Cadets may appeal any decision to Starfleet Command, in which case an officer of the Judge Advocate General's office determines if the matter warrants an inquiry and hearing. The Superintendent wields broad discretionary powers relating to the punishment of cadets, including but not limited to the measures detailed in the following sections.


Starfleet Academy uses a demerit system for disciplining cadets. Demerits are entered into the cadet's record and limit that cadet's involvement in recreational and extracurricular activities for a time. These include transporter and replicator credits, athletic and other leisure activities, and opportunities for field work and independent study. Proper behavior and conformation to all Academy rules and regulations allow cadets to work off their demerits and earn back lost privileges.

Five demerits limits privileges for one month, thirty demerits for a semester. A cadet reduces his demerit total by five per month of spotless behavior.


The Superintendent can choose to enter a formal reprimand into the service record of any cadet who violates Academy regulations. This reprimand may affect the cadet's future chances of promotion and assignment selection.

Credit Docking

The Superintendent may choose to dock a cadet's earned academic credits, forcing the cadet to repeat certain classes, an academic semester, or even an entire academic year. The cadet receives no credit for the docked classes and must repeat them like any other student.


The Superintendent may suspend the cadet from attending Starfleet Academy for a period of time not to exceed one semester. The cadet is barred from the Academy grounds and all facilities. At the end of the suspension period, the cadet is reinstated and must make up any missed classes and coursework.


In extreme cases the Superintendent has the authority to dismiss a cadet from the Academy permanently. The cadet may choose to reapply, but the Academy rarely accepts such applications. The cadet may also choose to appeal the decision to Starfleet Command, although that body rarely overturns such decisions.


At times, Starfleet wishes to recognize the efforts of outstanding cadets. To do so, Starfleet may award a commendation to a cadet who performed his duties in a particularly outstanding and noteworthy manner, in the finest Starfleet tradition. Such commendations are awarded for meritorious services and achievement, courage and valor in the line of duty, and academic and scholarly excellence.

The Academy Superintendent awards any and all commendations at the closing of each semester in a public ceremony in Gagarin Hall. Cadets who prefer may be awarded commendations privately in the Superintendent's office.

Commendation Examples:

  • Academic Achievement Award
  • Academy Athletics Award
  • Academy Marathon Medal
  • Award for Original Thinking
  • Distinguished Service Award
  • Scientific Achievement Award
  • Pentares Ribbon
  • Palm Leaf of Axanar
  • Kragite Order of Heroism
  • Grankite Order of Tactics
  • Silver Palm with Cluster
  • Pike Medal of Valor
  • Medal of Honor
  • Legion of Honor
  • Star Cross
  • UFP Medal of Valor