The Academy faculty tests Starfleet cadets in numerous ways. Only some of these tests involve academics. Being a Starfleet officer requires more than simply understanding facts; it requires analytical thinking, critical decision-making skills, and a strong character. The Academy tests for all of these qualities to ensure only the most suitable applicants are chosen to serve in Starfleet.

In addition to the entrance examinations, Starfleet cadets must undergo routine testing to measure their ongoing progress and development during their time at the Academy. These tests measure cadet knowledge, generally in written or oral exams, and skill and ability, which usually take the form of practical applications of what the cadet has learned. Cadets are judged on their individual achievements and abilities.

Final Exams

Each Academy course offers a final examination intended to measure the sum of a cadet's learning and development from that course. These exams constitute a large portion of the cadet's grade, varying based on other coursework and projects.

Some final exams are written in nature, while other exams have a written portion and a practical exercise to test the cadet's skills. Final examinations occur during the last week of each semester.