Game Notes

These are the various notes for the creation of the game. Will be adding notes as they're needed and will only be removed from the top bar once the game is open to players.


  • Use the Hit Locations optional rule in the ST:LUG Core Book on page 128 in the .pdf file.
    • Code a +hit command or something that randomly decides the location of the hit. 2d20.
    • Starship Hit Locations are on page 144.

Potential Problems for the Ship & Crew

  • Keeping the food and supplies in stock.
    • Have to find sources of food.
    • Need to find materials for repairs and such.
    • Fuel to keep the warp drives active and running.
  • Dealing with hostile enemies.

To Do

  1. Need to decide which Quadrant the ship is sent to.
  2. Need to determine what races they'll initially run into.
    • Second plot is going to be a First Contact mission.