Peacetime Positions

Starfleet also offers a number of positions that are not tied to any base or ship. Officers assigned these posts generally also receive a staff, which usually includes a security officer, operations manager and anyone else Starfleet deems necessary to aid the officer in his duties.

Planetary Governor

While most Federation planets have their own elected officials, Starfleet is occasionally called upon the provide leadership on worlds which lack such a structure. This may include newly founded colonies, planets recovering from disasters, planets captured during hostilities or established Federation planets that request such a governor. On a newly founded colony the governor might not even have any staff except for a single advisor, while on a recently liberated planet he might have a battalion of officers and advisors at his command. A character may take the role of a recently appointed governor or a member of his staff.

Cultural Attaché

Starfleet often sends representatives to other cultures for a variety of purposes. Their official duties include exchanging cultural information, studying cultural mores and advising Starfleet accordingly, updating Starfleet about important cultural changes and assisting Federation representatives in the completion of their duties. While a member of the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps would be assigned to handle delicate negotiations, Cultural Attachés provide more comprehensive information on a particular culture.

Science Attaché

In its attempts to remain on the cutting edge of science and technology, Starfleet often sends attachés to promising science labs and outposts. Here they both learn and advise, offering whatever assistance they can and keeping Starfleet up to date on any developments. The science attaché also determines the level of secrecy a scientific operation needs to maintain in order to keep dangerous information from falling into the wrong hands.

Academy Instructor

In addition to the main campus on Earth, Starfleet Academy maintains facilities throughout the Federation to carry out instruction in a wide variety of areas, including engineering, tactical, medicine, exobiology and more. Starfleet personnel often attend these institutions to update their skills - or to teach new techniques they have developed in the field. An assignment to Starfleet Academy carries a great deal of prestige, but it also requires a great deal of work. Cadets are the most promising people Starfleet can find, requiring the abilities of the finest instructors to teach.

Ambassadorial Aide

While the Federation assigns its ambassadors to other races and planets, Starfleet will often include at least one aide to act as an advisor for both the ambassador and Starfleet. These aides advise ambassadors regarding military and scientific capabilities, update them as to recent discoveries and notify Starfleet in case of trouble. Some serve as bodyguards or as ambassador's liaison to the host population. Starfleet does its best to prepare ambassadorial aides, but since they usually operate in alien cultures, it cannot anticipate every circumstance.