Starfleet Marines Ranks and Insignias

These are the ranks for the Starfleet Marine Corps. These are a special class of Starfleet that are available to the players only with approval of the staff. Players interested in playing a member of the Starfleet Marine Corps must discuss the character concept with Staff and have approval before beginning the application process.


Listing Marine Ranks Abbreviation
Cadet Ranks
N/A Enlisted Cadet / Trainee CDT
C-1 Cadet, Freshman Grade CDT1
C-2 Cadet, Sophomore Grade CDT2
C-3 Cadet, Junior Grade CDT3
C-4 Cadet, Senior Grade CDT4
Enlisted / NCO Ranks
E-1 Private E-1 PVT
E-2 Private E-2 PVT2
E-3 Private, 1st-Class PVT1
E-4 Corporal CORP
E-4 Specialist (E4A) SPC
E-5 Sergeant SGT
E-6 Staff Sergeant STSGT
E-7 Sergeant, First Class SGT1
E-8 Master Sergeant MSGT
E-8 First Sergeant (E8A) FSGT
E-9 Sergeant Major SGTMJ
E-9 Command Sergeant Major (E9A) CSGTMJ
E-9 Sergeant Major of Starfleet (E9B) SGTMJoS
Line Officer Ranks
O-1 Second Lieutenant SLT
O-2 First Lieutenant FLT
O-3 Marine Captain MCPT
O-4 Major MJR
O-5 Lieutenant Colonel LTCOL
O-6 Colonel COL
O-6 Field Colonel (O7) FCOL
Flag Officer Ranks
O-7 Brigadier General BGEN
O-8 Major General MJGEN
O-9 Lieutenant General LTGEN
O-10 General GEN
O-11 Field Marshal FMAR

Starfleet Enlisted Personnel

Rank Insignia
Private E-1 b-e1.png
Private E-2 b-e2.png
Private, 1st Class b-e3.png
Specialist (E4A) b-e4a.png
Corporal b-e4.png
Sergeant b-e5.png
Staff Sergeant b-e6.png
Sergeant, First Class b-e7.png
Master Sergeant b-e8.png
First Sergeant (E8A) b-e8a.png
Sergeant Major b-e9.png
Command Sergeant Major (E9A) b-e9a.png
Sergeant Major of Starfleet (E9B) b-e9b.png

Starfleet Cadet Personnel

Rank Insignia
Enlisted Cadet / Trainee b-e0.png
Cadet, Freshman Grade b-c1.png
Cadet, Sophomore Grade b-c2.png
Cadet, Junior Grade b-c3.png
Cadet, Senior Grade b-c4.png

Starfleet Line Officer Personnel

Second Lieutenant b-o1.png
First Lieutenant b-o2.png
Marine Captain b-o3.png
Major b-o4.png
Lieutenant Colonel b-o5.png
Colonel b-o6.png
Field Colonel b-o7.png

Starfleet Flag Officer Personnel

General b-a0.png
Brigadier General b-a1.png
Major General b-a2.png
Lieutenant General b-a3.png
Field General b-a4.png
Field Marshal b-a5.png

Starfleet Warrant Officers

Warrant Officer b-w1.png
Chief Warrant Officer, 3rd Class b-w2.png
Chief Warrant Officer, 2nd Class b-w3.png
Chief Warrant Officer, 1st Class b-w4.png
Master Warrant Officer b-w5.png

Rank Insignias are created by Kuro-chan from Kuro-RPG.