Campus Life

The Academy is the first taste of Starfleet life for many cadets. It infuses the principles of Starfleet into every aspect of campus life to enhance the cadet learning experience.


The Academy offers cadets a variety of housing options, including small dormitory halls of approximately 100 students and larger halls (ranging from 400 to 600 cadets). Some halls or floors are single species, while others are coeducational. Upper-class cadets may also choose from among several on-campus complexes designed to meet the more independent and self-reliant lifestyles of senior students. Most dorms offer special-interest housing. Graduate and family housing is also available.

The Officer of Student Affairs provides a living environment that maintains high standards of health and safety for cadets. Full-time directors manage the residence halls and work with a cadet staff to offer special programs and enforce Academy regulations.


Cadets may access any of three replimat facilities on campus which are open for continuous service. The replimats reproduce a wide range of food and beverage choices, including full meals and basic ingredients for students interested in preparing their own food. Replicator systems cannot reproduce any potentially harmful or impairing substances, including alcohol, although synthehol reproductions are available. Replicators also accept isolinear chips containing new replication patterns for students with particular food or beverage choices, although illegal and dangerous substances are still forbidden.

Cadets may privately consult with a dietitian on staff during the day, and the Academy computer system provides tutorials in proper nutrition for all cadets. Those with special nutritional requirements are advised to meet with the dietitian and notify the Office of Student Affairs before selecting dormitory housing.

Replicator Systems

Cadets earn replicator credits they can use toward replication of any items not strictly forbidden by Academy regulations and Starfleet Codes of Conduct. Academy replication systems can reproduce more than 6.4 billion different items, and cadets may provide pattern profiles for other items, and cadets may provide pattern profiles for other items as needed. Cadets are encouraged to conserve matter and replication time, and to recycle unused items properly. Academy regulations provide for a cadet's uniform and other equipment needs for all classes.

Social Activities

The Academy encourages cadets to take full advantage of available recreational facilities and social activities, to enhance their own enjoyment and social and interpersonal skills. The Academy hosts many activities, including athletic and cultural events, receptions with guest speakers, and gatherings like the Welcome Reception, the Sadie Hawkins Dance, the Spring Revel, and the Academy Music Festival.

Cadets may structure their free time however they desire, and may use Academy recreational facilities for informal social gatherings. Cadets must follow Academy rules of conduct at these events. Students may attend social gatherings off campus during free hours or while classes are recessed. Although these activities don't take place on the Academy grounds, cadets are expected to uphold the high standards of Starfleet at all times, especially while in uniform.

Cultural Events

The Academy seeks to expose cadets to as wide a range of cultural experiences as possible to broaden their views and prepare them for Starfleet service. To this end the Academy hosts various cultural events cadets are encouraged to attend. These include symposia on culture, history, and archaeology; artistic displays and performances at the Academy Arts Center; the honoring of cultural traditions from all across the Federation, such as the Andorian festival of Spring Dawning, Tellarite debates, Earth religious services, and many others; opportunities to sample different cultural experiences, such as a Klingon feast or a Bajoran religious ceremony; and, most importantly, events arranged by cadets to highlight the unique heritages and cultures they bring with them to the Academy.


Although life as a Starfleet cadet requires dedication and hard work, the Academy recognizes the importance of recreation to the health and well-being of all personnel. The campus provides a wide range of recreational activities cadets may take part in during off hours.

The Academy itself maintains athletic and recreational facilities suitable for most types of sporting events and leisure activities. Cadets can access multimedia entertainment via the Academy information network, and may reserve time to use athletic facilities. Holosuites are also available for recreation. Students earn holosuite credits to spend as they see fit. A wide range of holosuite programs is available, and cadets may design and customize their own within normal Starfleet operating parameters for holosystems. Cadets are advised to reserve holosuite time well in advance since the holosuites are usually in high demand.

Cadets can also avail themselves of off-campus recreation in the San Francisco Bay area. The region's thriving community offers boating and water sports on San Francisco Bay and the Pacific coastline; wooded parks for hiking, riding, and other outdoor activities; Earth cultural and artistic experiences; and a variety of fine museums, theaters, and restaurants.

Finally, cadets earn transporter credits to travel anywhere on Earth for an evening, a few days, or longer during breaks in the class schedule. Although Earth is a peaceful world, cadets must register their destinations with the Academy authorities and are expecting to check in on a regular basis to ensure their own safety. The campus computer system contains additional information of the vast opportunities of Earth's diverse cities and attractions.