The Curriculum

The Starfleet Academy curriculum is one of the most in-depth and rigorous training programs ever known. It provides the wide range of skills needed to become a Starfleet officer. It also provides Starfleet officers with a wealth of experiences before they begin their first tour of duty, and allows new cadets to learn from the vast body of knowledge accumulated by Starfleet over the past two centuries.

Departments and Classes

The classes in this section are divided according to their academic department and ranked according to their place in the overall curriculum. All cadets must take many basic courses, while only those following a particular major must take more advanced courses. Since the Academy encourages cadets to broaden their education and experiences as much as possible during their time here, they may take other courses as electives.

Core Curriculum

All Academy cadets must complete a basic core curriculum to provide them with the skills and knowledge necessary to serve in Starfleet and as representatives of the United Federation of Planets. Cadets must fulfill thirteen educational requirements:

  1. Starfleet Skills I and II, which must be taken during the student's first year.
  2. Planetary Survival, which must be taken during the student's first two years.
  3. Two additional courses in Starfleet Sciences.
  4. Basic Self Defense, taken during the student's first two years.
  5. One course in physical education, which must be taken during the student's first two years.
  6. One course in writing skills, taken during the student's first year.
  7. One course in quantitative reasoning, taken during the student's first year.
  8. Three courses in biological, physical, or space sciences, with no more than two courses in any one area.
  9. Three courses in in engineering (material, propulsion, and systems), with no more than one course in any one area.
  10. One course in historical perspectives.
  11. One course in foreign culture (may be satisfied by approved study abroad).
  12. Two courses in social science.
  13. One course in works of philosophy, literature, or ideals.

Fulfilling these requirements takes twenty classes. A cadet may devote his remaining fifteen classes at the Academy to the requirements of his major. Only the Department Chair and the Superintendent of Starfleet Academy can waive core requirements.