Faculty and Staff

Starfleet Academy is proud to have some of the finest instructors and administrative personnel in the Federation. The Academy offers an opportunity to teach new generations of Starfleet officers and work with the latest theories and experimental equipment. The Academy encourages faculty members to continue their own process of learning here. Many developments in science, education, and technology comes from the faculty's research.

Cadets may access profiles of faculty and staff members on the Academy information net, along with current class schedules and certain course materials. Students may arrange appointments with faculty members for advising and academic assistance through the Advisory Center.


The Academy faculty contains a mix of Starfleet career officers, scientists, and visiting dignitaries, all dedicated to instructing young cadets and continuing their own research. They enjoy imparting their knowledge to students while indoctrinating them in the ideals of the Federation and Starfleet.

Name Position
Dr. Ranf Cavic Professor of Medical Sciences
Dr. Paul Chapman Professor of Systems Engineering
Professor H'okh Guest Lecturer in Klingon Physiology
Professor Walter Horne Chairman of Communications Department
Professor Brunnel Olafson Chairman of Systems Engineering Department
Professor Marilyn Hoskin Chairman of Political Science Department
Professor Charles Kovakovich Chairman of Anthropology Department
Commander Hans Zakarian Professor of Starfleet Sciences

Administrative Staff

In addition to its finest teaching staff, Starfleet Academy benefits from the leadership of some of the finest officers in Starfleet.

Name Position
Admiral George Foster Starfleet Academy Superintendent
Lt. Commander Chang Tac Officer
Commander Jev Donarra Counselor