Advanced Programs

Starfleet encourages its officers to continue their education past Academy graduation. While many learn from experiences during active duty, the Academy also offers a number of advanced programs beyond the basic curriculum. Many of these postgraduate programs require cadets first to complete their Starfleet training, or at the very least pass several prerequisite courses. Starfleet Academy is dedicated not only to training and expanding the minds of future officers, but also as maintaining and enhancing that knowledge for years to come.

Some specialized courses have specific entrance requirements students must fulfill prior to entry. Because of the advanced programs' technical nature and the limited time, most follow an accelerated schedule — students attend classes for eight to ten hours a day, frequently with out-of-class assignments. Courses last from four to fourteen weeks, meeting every day. These advanced programs use Academy facilities and faculty, though their intense schedule sets them apart from the school's regular curriculum. Students usually do not attend more than one specialized course per semester without the approval of a faculty advisor or Starfleet sponsor.

Existing Academy departments sponsor some courses, while some specific advanced schools administer other courses fully as their own departments. Students may enroll in any of the following advanced training programs by fulfilling any prerequisites and applying to their faculty advisor or Starfleet sponsor officer. Each school or program provides an overview of its goals and course material, with several sample classes available.

Starfleet Academy remains dedicated to further enhancing officers' educational and service experience.