Academy Technology

After observing numerous stagnant civilizations like the computer-dominated culture of Beta III, Federation social scientists realized it is extremely easy for a society to grow so dependent upon robots and computers that the citizens become completely helpless without them. While some worry that Earth and the other central worlds of the Federation are heading towards such problems, Starfleet makes certain Academy training teaches cadets enough self-reliance not to depends unduly upon technology. Cadets and Starfleet personnel use equipment designed with this same philosophy in mind.

Starfleet Technology

While Starfleet technology can build robots and create emergency medical holograms (EMH) which are as good as almost any living physician, no evidence exists that automatons or EMH programs are superior to well trained physicians. Living physicians practice medicine. Starfleet prefers exploring new planets on foot instead of simply sending down automated probes — unless investigating environments lethal to humanoid life. When possible, all Starfleet designs equipment for an individual's use, not to operate remotely or automatically.