The U.S.S Lexington cruised through the Vimbreni system at impulse power. Their mission: to transport Ambassador Avras Utral to Vimbreni IV, for first contact with the inhabitants.

Lieutenant Commander Maxwell, First Officer for the starship Lexington, sat at his station, supervising the approach. Maxwell envied the Starfleet observation team sent to monitor and evaluate the Vimbreni. Although they had achieved warp speed several years ago, the Federation always carefully evaluated a culture's readiness to learn about other space-faring people. The job could be dangerous, but at times Maxwell thought it might be more rewarding than serving on a starship.

The observers had reported that the Vimbreni were ready for first contact, and the Federation Council sent Ambassador Utral to handle the negotiations. Captain Adams' orders were to assist the Ambassador to the best of his ability.

The blue-green orb of Vimbreni IV grew to fill the main viewscreen. "Standard orbit, Mr. Sevek," Maxwell ordered. The Conn confirmed the order, and the ship settled into a gentle arc around the planet.

Ambassador Utral stepped from the ready room and stood next to the captain. That was a job the young officer wouldn't want. Certainly, the Federation diplomatic corps was a distinguished posting, but it lacked the adventure Maxwell sought. Compared to exploration, sitting in meetings, exchanging pleasantries and drafting treaties seemed dull.

The Vimbreni orbital satellites have no doubt picked us up by now." Lieutenant Rodgers advised from his science station.

Well then," the ambassador said, "perhaps it's time we make first contact."

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An Honorable Burden

Despite what may seem numerous restrictions and limitations placed upon Starfleet crew members, they have the power to influence galactic affairs greatly. That power must be exercised with wisdom, tempered by time and courage. Regardless of the endless reports one must file and the occasional "dressing down" of a superior officer, Starfleet offers its members endless opportunities for growth and adventure. After a hectic Away Team mission on a world in chaos or an emergency warp core containment action, all the rules and regulations can come to seem like safe havens in a storm. Any crew member with enough experience knows the vital necessity — and honor — that comes with enforcing Starfleet procedures.