Starfleet Academy

Benjamin Millard sat in the large auditorium and looked around with wonder. The Starfleet Academy seal hung over the podium on the stage before him. He couldn't believe he was finally here, after years of study and dreaming. Ben looked to his left, at a young Vulcan woman. To his right sat a Mendon. The rest of the theater was filled with hundreds of other people his own age, from across the Federation. Whereas he had been the best in his class back on Yodalla colony, here he was among people of equal accomplishment and dedication. It was a humbling thought.

They were all drawn here by the same thing — the drive to explore the unknown.

Ben's grandfather had served in Starfleet, aboard the U.S.S. Potemkin, exploring the T'shona Expanse. He filled Ben's head with visions of alien vistas, strange celestial phenomenon and stories of adventure. Ben was eager to follow in his footsteps. It wouldn't be easy, he thought. Starfleet demanded the best.

Gradually, the lights dimmed in the room, except for the stage. An older-looking man wearing a crisp Starfleet uniform strode to the podium. It was the Commandant of the Academy, here to welcome the new class of cadets.

I'm here, Ben thought, here here. Starfleet Academy.

Duty. Honor. Truth. These are the hallmarks of a Starfleet officer. First and foremost, every officer has a duty: to Starfleet, to his shipmates, and to the Federation's tenets. Honor demands each officer exhibit the utmost integrity, treat other with respect, and be forthright. Starfleet demands a dedication to truth, in whatever form it may take, of every officer. These concepts are not innate, but are instilled into every officer at Starfleet Academy. Millions of officers have passed through the Academy's doors, many who have gone on to participate in the most important events in the Federation's history — Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway. You now follow in their footsteps.

Starfleet Academy teaches cadets more than simply how to conduct oneself during a first-contact situation, the engineering regulations for impulse engine phase variances, or the proper use of phasers and tricorders. The Academy takes the Federation's best and brightest and forges them into Starfleet officers. During your time at the Academy, you will face many challenges, many milestones, and some day you will look back on your Academy days with fondness. Your stay at the Academy will be demanding — physically, emotionally, and psychologically. But in the end, if you measure up to Starfleet's strict standards, you can call yourself a Starfleet officer.

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