A Career Among the Stars

Life for most people living in the United Federation of Planets is safe and unthreatening. While they have much to occupy their lives, they rarely have to fear danger or the unknown. Starfleet personnel, on the other hand, seek out and embrace the least understood aspects of space. New races, stellar anomalies, cutting-edge science and unexplored solar systems attract them to their jobs and provide innumerable opportunities for adventure.

These factors make starship postings the most popular and glamorous jobs in Starfleet, despite their comparative danger. Even starships which travel popular routes in the heart of Federation space have to worry about pirates, navigational hazards, fatal malfunctions and occasional alien incursions. Starships traveling the more distant areas of Federation space, especially those assigned to exploration missions, face even greater dangers (which in turn attracts many of Starfleet's best and brightest officers).

Of course, much of what Starfleet does is still routine. Even a Galaxy-class starship venturing deep into unexplored space has to maintain its equipment, take care of the health and welfare of the crew, report to Starfleet, monitor the status of nearby Federation installations and their transmissions, and carry out scientific experiments.