Life in Starfleet

As an instrument of policy for the United Federation of Planets, Starfleet has proven itself a remarkable organization. Though not a military organizations of old, it's primary missions are diplomatic and exploratory — Starfleet personnel seek out new civilizations, discover new planets, investigate the unknown and purse peace and understanding between the sentient species they encounter. Starfleet leaders are especially proud of their successes in advancing science, especially the fields of exobiology, warp propulsion and interstellar navigation, among others.

While starship posts generally carry the most prestige and admiration, at least among the general public, only a minority of Starfleet's men and women each such plum assignments. Most get stationed on planets and starbases, carrying out the duties necessary to keep such a huge organization operating. Some have roving posts, traveling wherever Starfleet needs them at any given time.

Starfleet tries to assign personnel to duties according to their desires and tries to fulfill as many of those requests as possible, but the most popular assignments require either years of experience or a great deal of skill. Starfleet takes great care to ensure that factors unrelated to someone's abilities have little impact on their appointments. Ability and temperament are the keys to all posts.

Most Starfleet personnel receive several different postings during their career; traveling from planet to starbase or from starship to starship. These postings generally last for a predetermined amount of time, as with the once-common five-year missions, though Starfleet does assign people to duty-specific missions, like serving on a starbase near the Neutral Zone during periods of heightened tensions.