Ranks and Insignias

These are the various ranks and insignias that are used aboard the USS Vanguard. The ranks are listed from lowest rank to highest. There is also a list of the Starfleet Marine Corps rankings and insignias. Players are welcome to create a character of any available enlisted rank with final approval by staff. Characters who wish to play a Line Officer may need to put in more work into their applications. Rank of Commander and above are restricted.


Listing Naval Ranks Abbreviation
Cadet Ranks
N/A Enlisted Cadet / Trainee CDT
C-1 Cadet, Freshman Grade CDT1
C-2 Cadet, Sophomore Grade CDT2
C-3 Cadet, Junior Grade CDT3
C-4 Cadet, Senior Grade CDT4
Enlisted / NCO Ranks
E-1 Crewman Recruit CR
E-2 Crewman Apprentice CA
E-3 Crewman CM
E-4 Petty Officer, 3rd-Class PO3
E-5 Petty Officer, 2nd-Class PO2
E-6 Petty Officer, 1sc-Class PO1
E-7 Chief Petty Officer CPO
E-8 Senior Chief Petty Officer SCPO
E-9 Master Chief Petty Officer MCPO
E-9 Master Chief Petty Officer of "X" Fleet (E9A) MCPO
E-9 Master Chief Petty Officer of Starfleet (E9B) MCPO
Line Officer Ranks
O-1 Ensign ENS
O-2 Lieutenant Junior Grade LTJG
O-3 Lieutenant LT
O-4 Lieutenant Commander LTCMDR
O-5 Commander CMDR
O-5 Executive Commander XCMDR
O-6 Captain CAPT
O-6 Fleet Captain (O-7) FCAPT
Flag Officer Ranks
N/A Rear Admiral* RADM
O-8 Rear Admiral, Lower Half RADM(LH)
O-8 Rear Admiral, Upper Half RADM(UH)
O-9 Vice-Admiral VADM
O-10 Admiral ADM
O-11 Fleet Admiral FADM
Warrant Officer Ranks
W-1 Warrant Officer WO1
W-2 Chief Warrant Officer, 3rd-Class CWO3
W-3 Chief Warrant Officer, 2nd-Class CWO2
W-4 Chief Warrant Officer, 1sc-Class CWO1

* Used during the period between being awarded Rear Admiral rank and official instatement of the rank.

Starfleet Enlisted Personnel

Rank Command Operations Engineering Security Medical Science
No Rank r-blank.png w-blank.png o-blank.png b-blank.png t-blank.png c-blank.png
Crewman Recruit r-e1.png w-e1.png o-e1.png b-e1.png t-e1.png c-e1.png
Crewman Apprentice r-e2.png w-e2.png o-e2.png b-e2.png t-e2.png c-e2.png
Crewman r-e3.png w-e3.png o-e3.png b-e3.png t-e3.png c-e3.png
PO3 r-e4.png w-e4.png o-e4.png b-e4.png t-e4.png c-e4.png
PO2 r-e5.png w-e5.png o-e5.png b-e5.png t-e5.png c-e5.png
PO1 r-e6.png w-e6.png o-e6.png b-e6.png t-e6.png c-e6.png
CPO r-e7.png w-e7.png o-e7.png b-e7.png t-e7.png c-e7.png
SCPO r-e8.png w-e8.png o-e8.png b-e8.png t-e8.png c-e8.png
MCPO r-e9.png w-e9.png o-e9.png b-e9.png t-e9.png c-e9.png
MCPO of "X" Fleet r-e9a.png w-e9a.png o-e9a.png b-e9a.png t-e9a.png c-e9a.png
MCPO of Starfleet r-e9b.png w-e9b.png o-e9b.png b-e9b.png t-e9b.png c-e9b.png

Starfleet Cadet Personnel

Enlisted Cadet r-e0.png w-e0.png o-e0.png b-e0.png t-e0.png c-e0.png
Freshman Cadet r-c1.png w-c1.png o-c1.png b-c1.png t-c1.png c-c1.png
Sophomore Cadet r-c2.png w-c2.png o-c2.png b-c2.png t-c2.png c-c2.png
Junior Cadet r-c3.png w-c3.png o-c3.png b-c3.png t-c3.png c-c3.png
Senior Cadet r-c4.png w-c4.png o-c4.png b-c4.png t-c4.png c-c4.png

Starfleet Commissioned Officer Personnel

Ensign r-o1.png w-o1.png o-o1.png b-o1.png t-o1.png c-o1.png
Lieutenant JG r-o2.png w-o2.png o-o2.png b-o2.png t-o2.png c-o2.png
Lieutenant r-o3.png w-o3.png o-o3.png b-o3.png t-o3.png c-o3.png
Lieutenant Commander r-o4.png w-o4.png o-o4.png b-o4.png t-o4.png c-o4.png
Commander r-o5.png w-o5.png o-o5.png b-o5.png t-o5.png c-o5.png
Executive Commander r-o5a.png w-o5a.png o-o5a.png b-o5a.png t-o5a.png c-o5a.png
Captain r-o6.png w-o6.png o-o6.png b-o6.png t-o6.png c-o6.png
Fleet Captain r-o6a.png w-o6a.png o-o6a.png b-o6a.png t-o6a.png c-o6a.png

Starfleet Flag Officer Personnel

RADM r-a0.png w-a0.png o-a0.png b-a0.png t-a0.png c-a0.png
RADM(LH) r-a1.png w-a1.png o-a1.png b-a1.png t-a1.png c-a1.png
RADM(UH) r-a2.png w-a2.png o-a2.png b-a2.png t-a2.png c-a2.png
Vice Admiral r-a3.png w-a3.png o-a3.png b-a3.png t-a3.png c-a3.png
Admiral r-a4.png w-a4.png o-a4.png b-a4.png t-a4.png c-a4.png
Fleet Admiral r-a5.png w-a5.png o-a5.png b-a5.png t-a5.png c-a5.png

Starfleet Warrant Officer Personnel

Warrant Officer r-w1.png w-w1.png o-w1.png b-w1.png t-w1.png c-w1.png
CWO1 r-w2.png w-w2.png o-w2.png b-w2.png t-w2.png c-w2.png
CWO2 r-w3.png w-w3.png o-w3.png b-w3.png t-w3.png c-w3.png
CWO3 r-w4.png w-w4.png o-w4.png b-w4.png t-w4.png c-w4.png

Rank Insignias are created by Kuro-chan from Kuro-RPG.