Lieutenant Sevek sat at her station, running a Level 3 diagnostic on the flight control station. There wasn't much else to do while the ship orbited Gonal IV. Briefly checking on the Lexington's position on the navigational reference display, she noticed a minute fluctuation baring 330 mark 15. Stopping the diagnostic, she adjusted the main sensor array to get a better reading. Lieutenant Clayton, sitting next to her at Ops, noticed the change in sensor usage, and asked "what's up?"

"I have picked up a plasma trail heading towards the second planet in the system. I want to check it out." the Vulcan whispered back. She directed the parametric subspace field stress sensors and low-frequency EM flux sensors to sweep the object.

Sevek related what she found, and Allia Deston, the science officer, had already obtained a lock. "I've got it, sir." she said. "It appears to be the exhaust from another ship." Touching several indicators on her control panel, she added "The hull appears to be organic in composition. I'm not reading any life signs. Nor do I get any warp signature."

"Could it be the Breen?" Lieutenant Koval asked from his position at Tactical.

"Put it on screen," Maxwell ordered.

A large, vaguely triangular ship appears on the main viewer. "That's not the Breen," Sevek said.

Captain Adams leaned forward in his chair, his eyes narrowing. "Mister Koval, recall the Away Teams. Mister Sevek, lay in an intercept course." he commanded. "Let's see what it is."

Once you've created your character, there will likely come a time where combat is required. This will require you to learn the rules of the game. It is divided into three sections: Time (the time frames within which action occurs in the game), Tests (how to use your skills to accomplish things) and Combat (rules for fighting).