Dylec Memory Tent
Size: 10cm x 10cm x 2cm (folded); a domed, flat-bottomed oval 2.2m x 0.7m x 0.4m (unfolded)
Mass: 0.3 kg
Duration: Unlimited with adequate sunlight

Memory tents serve as the ultimate in portable, easily erected temporary habitation. The tent consists of an electrically active biomimetic tripolymer capable of changing shape with a touch of the control pad on one corner — essentially a single flat sheet of thick, flexible tripolymer. This sheet can automatically change form from a small folded packet to a large domed oval with a rigid top, a flexible floor, and a moveable door flap.

The tent requires two minutes to erect itself. Once the tent unfolds, the built-in miniature molecular adhesion generators activate to bond the tent tightly to the ground underneath. When erected, this tent provides completely waterproof shelter.

Thermoelectric fibers aided by variable-weave dylec smart cloth heat and cool the tent to maintain comfortable temperatures inside in environment ranging from -40°C to 50°C. Like Starfleet survival suits, memory tents automatically adapt themselves to local conditions. The tent becomes highly insulating and heat reflective in cold weather, and loose and porous to increase air flow in warmer climates.

Thin film sarium krellide power cells built into the tent's fabric power its various functions. for up to 100 hours and recharge themselves through the solar cells bonded to the fabric's upper layer. Refolding the tent requires some effort on the user's part and takes approximately ten minutes.