Flight Suit
Size: 5 L (folded) + boots
Mass: 3 kg
Duration: 8 hours of life support, indefinite ordinary wear

Used primarily by Starfleet cadets while flying training missions, flight suits help cadets cope with the rigors of high acceleration, zero gravity, and even short-term periods of decompression. The design is comfortable enough for long-term wear and flexible enough to allow the pilot to function normally. Made of a durable boronite fiber mesh, the flight suit includes a comfortable jumpsuit with integral boots, detachable gloves, and a foldable helmet. While conventional environment suits use rigid helmets, the headpiece on a flight suit consists of a transparent, highly flexible ferropolymer. In normal use cadets store the gloves on the belt and fold the helmet back into the suit's collar.

Sensors in the suit can detect both decompression and atmospheric toxins. If the suit's sensors detect hazardous conditions the helmet automatically extends and seals the suit. A trained user can then put on the gloves in less than four seconds. Molecular adhesion units automatically close and seal the suit. To prevent overheating during normal use the boronite mesh maintains its normally comfortably loose weave and the jumpsuit has a slightly baggy feel to facilitate ease of movement. When the suit seals the molecular adhesion units also compress the weave so it becomes a form-fitting jumpsuit which is both air- and watertight. During periods of high acceleration the suit's weave compresses the wearer's legs and lower abdomen to help maintain blood flow to the torso and head. This compression helps wearers remain conscious when under the effects of higher gravity (+1 Vitality to resist the effects of acceleration).

Wearing a flight suit does not encumber the pilot in any fashion. The life-support unit built into the suit provides a breathable atmosphere for only 8 hours. Flight suits include both integral communicators and gravitonic boots identical to those found on ordinary environment suits.

Flight suits are significantly inferior to environment suits for long-term use in hostile environments. Flight suits provide no armor protection and can self-seal punctures of only 2 point s of damage or less. Sealing larger punctures requires application of one of the six easily accessible patches. In Starfleet only cadets and test pilots usually wear flight suits. The crews of smuggling vessels, pirates ships, and less prosperous merchant vessels often wear flight suits, since all of these vessels can easily experience unplanned changes in gravity and atmosphere.