Multipurpose Gravitonic Effector (MGE)
Size: 18cm x 1.5cm x 1.5cm
Mass: 0.1 kg
Duration: 1,000 hour for continuous use

The MGE is perhaps the most common device used by Starfleet cadets and other Federation citizens engaged in technical work. Hikers and campers use the MGE, and all Starfleet survival kits stock this device. This miracle of microgravitonic technology uses the same principles powering a starship's tractor beams and deflector shields. MGE's produce a coherent graviton beam focused and modulated by a series of zeta meson emitters. This beam can move or manipulate any object with a mass of up to 0.2 kilograms. MGE's can turn screws, hammer and pull nails, tighten bolts, and dephase molecular nanocouplings. By carefully focusing the graviton beam an MGE can undertake delicate micromanipulation, such as opening or closing individual contacts on a singular isolinear chip.

MGE's are also useful for more robust work. By focusing the beam to a pinpoint this device can weld cut, melt ordinary materials at a range of up to 2 meters. While the unit's beam cannot affect refractory materials like solid tritanium or duranium, on its highest setting the unit can easily shape and cut ordinary composites including boronite whisker epoxy and foamed duranium. An MGE can serve as an exceedingly sharp and precise drill, knife, or punch. The focused graviton beam can, in emergencies, work as a weapon; however, even on its highest setting it has a range of only 3 meters and a maximum damage of 10+2d6.