Plasma Torch
Size: 10cm x 15cm x 5cm
Mass: 0.3 kg
Duration: 10 hours
Damage: Variable, up to 12+4d6

Every cadet studying engineering or technical skills receives training using this basic piece of equipment. Plasma torches weld and cut all varieties of refractory material used in starships, starbases, and other settings where durable, damage-resistant materials are essential. The torch heats deuterium plasma using an oscillating positron beam and then compresses and shapes it with a strong magnetic field created using the torch's nickel-rhombium ceramic electromagnets. The operator can set the heat of the plasma from 150°C to 2,500°C and can precisely shape and direct the length the plasma stream using controls on the handle.

On its highest setting a plasma torch can cut a hole 1 meter deep in solid duranium or tritanium in fifteen minutes. Welding instead of cutting requires slightly lower-powered beams, but it takes approximately the same amount of time as cutting. Even the vast heat generated by this unit cannot cut the new duranium-tritanium alloys or collapsed matter like pressure-stabilized neutronium.

In an emergency, plasma torches can serve as weapons. This device can inflict terrible burns on an enemy, as high as 12+4d6. The unit's plasma stream can extend out only 0.5 meters, preventing attacks from affecting targets farther away.