Radiation Suit
Armor: 3
Size: 18 L (folded) + helmet
Mass: 12 kg
Duration: 12 hours

Improved shielding technology greatly reduced the necessity of wearing protective gear when repairing warp drive or weapon components. A series of powerful force fields instantly seals off any radiation hazard. To provide acceptable redundant protection, however, Academy safety protocols require cadets to where radiation suits in potentially hazardous areas. Starfleet personnel also wear these suits when visiting worlds with dangerous levels of ambient radiation.

Radiation suits reduce the wearer's radiation exposure by a factor of 10 thanks to a thick tripolymer mesh and numerous layers of tough, flexible, boronite whisker fabric. The suit material also contains an inner layer made of duotronically controlled nanofibers capable of maintaining suit integrity and automatically sealing any punctures of 7 points of damage or less.

While this garment does not allow the user to endure long-term exposure to high levels of radiation, it largely eliminates the risk of short exposures to low and moderate radiation levels and reduces the severity of damage caused by exposure to high radiation levels.

The suit comes with a large, bulky helmet of transparent aluminum and foamed duranium. The helmet's narrow face plate further reduces radiation exposure. To prevent lung damage from radioactive vapors or poisonous coolant leaks the suit also includes a microreplicator system for temperature control, air purification, and recirculation. Radiation suits protect wearers from temperature extremes ranging from -150°C to 150°C and from pressures ranging from vacuum to 10 atmospheres. If necessary, a radiation can also serve as a short-term environment suit. The suit's life-support system provides breathable air for up to 25 hours.

Many users complain that wearing the helmet reduces visibility and increases the suit's discomfort. Trained engineers often substitute a simple breathing mask for the helmet. The lack of head protection halves the level of shielding the suit affords. When dealing with short-term exposure to low-level radiation, many engineers leave the helmet off and spend more time in sickbay after their exposure.

Starfleet cadets must wear the full suit, complete with helmet, when dealing with any significant radiation risk. Radiation suits are quite bulky by nature. When wearing a radiation suit a character subtracts one die from all skill tests involving Coordination. He also subtracts one die from all Perception tests if the helmet is worn. The suit restricts the user from moving faster than a walk. All radiation suits include gravitic boots identical to those found on standard environment suits as well as built-in lights and a personal communicator.