Survival Rations
Size: 1.3 L box
Mass: 1 kg
Duration: A standard survival ration box contains enough ration bars to sustain a single humanoid for 6 days
Water Purifier
Size: 0.8 L (a cylinder 16cm x 8cm x 8cm)
Mass: 0.5 kg
Duration: 1,000 hours

Cadets and Starfleet personnel must rely upon Starfleet survival rations during survival training, extended treks through the wilderness, or any situation where they are cut off from food replicators or other sources of nutrition. Survival rations come in several varieties and many flavors and textures to suit the various sentient species in Starfleet. Colors code ration boxes into five different types of survival nutrients, one for each major type of metabolism found in Starfleet personnel. Each type provides a wide variety of different flavors and textures.

When planning extended excursions into wilderness areas, Starfleet personnel can choose which flavor and texture combination to take along. Such details are assigned randomly during survival training and in the survival kits found in all Starfleet shuttlecraft. Human-compatible rations (found in red survival ration boxes and individually packaged bright red wrappers) come in four textures: crunchy bars, thick paste-like liquids (in squeeze tubes). Personnel can combine textures to vary flavor. Four of the standard 40 gram bars or tubes provide a human with complete nutrition for a full day of strenuous exercise.

Personnel frequently complain about the monotony and taste of rations despite their high nutritional content. Eating nothing but survival rations can keep most humanoids healthy for at least a full month. A standard 1.3 liter, 1 kilogram box of rations contain enough food to sustain a humanoid for six days.

Although survival rations contain some moisture, all humanoids need water. Ration packs also contain foil pack canteens holding 0.5 liters of water. Users can mix water with a concentrated mineral and vitamin supplement for extra sustenance in extremely hot environments.

All standard survival kits contain miniature water purifiers. A single unit can purify one liter of water in five minutes, including sea water. If the power cell runs down, or the myotronic pump malfunctions, the optional hand pump can purify one liter of water in fifteen minutes. Power cells can filters last up to 1,000 hours, enough time to purify the one gallon per day a single person requires. After this time personnel must wash the entire filter cartridge in pure water and replace some parts. To operate the purifier, the user pours in one liter of water and activates the pump. A minute later pure water begins to trickle from the spout.