Academy Trainer Craft

Craft Statistics

Class and Type: Bantam-class Trainer

Hull Characteristics

Size: 1 (4 meters long, 1 deck)
Resistance: 1
Structural Points: 30

Operational Characteristics

Crew/Passengers: 1/1(3)
Computer: 1
Transporters: None
Tractor Beams: 1 fwd

Propulsion and Power Characteristics

Warp System: None
Impulse System: .5C/.75C
Power: 75

Sensor Systems

Long-range Sensors: +0/5 light-years
Lateral Sensors: +0/1 light-years
Navigational Sensors: +0
Sensor Skill: 3

Defensive Systems

Type: Starfleet Deflector Shield
Protection: 24/36
Power: [24]

Description and Notes

Starfleet Cadets primarily use the Academy Trainer craft to practice flight operations. Although these vessels do not have warp drive so as to prevent cadets from venturing into unsafe regions of space, they still contain low-powered versions of all other equipment found on larger starships, including high-speed impulse engines, tractor beams, and long-range sensors not normally found on small vessels.

A single cadet can pilot a trainer. These vehicles also contain a second seat usually used by an instructor, or by a second cadet during some training missions involving teamwork. These vessel's cabin contains two additional fold-down seats to carry the crew of a damaged trainer during rescue operations. Since these conditions make the cabin extremely cramped and uncomfortable pilots use the extra sets only in emergencies.

Instructors use trainers to simulate almost any possible mission that does not require warp drive capability. During wargame simulations trainers employ their targeting sensors to determine phaser hit status. During such wargames instructors program training craft to respond like larger starships and sometimes even generate signals which cause the other trainer's instruments to make them appear as full-sized starships.